For Athletes

One of the misconceptions in the sports world is that an athlete gets in shape by just playing and competing in his/her chosen sport.  While consistent training and competitive experience are critical to performance, consistent improvement and optimal performance without injury requires careful training and periodization.  By identifying key performance thresholds and carefully monitoring athletes’ responses to training, our EPARC team makes it possible to make specific adjustments to training programs to optimize performance.  In short, you can train less and improve more.  EPARC is a premier laboratory for non-invasively assessing and tracking key fitness variables indicative of performance.

Our team has worked with all levels of athletes ranging from first timer “couch to 5K” to Olympians, World Record holding triathletes and other elite endurance athletes, as well as athletes in non-endurance sports.

Graded exercise tests on treadmill, cycle, hand-crank, rowing, or paddling ergometer

Aerobic (VO2max), anaerobic, and sustainable power tests

Resting energy expenditure and determination of daily caloric needs

Bone health and osteoporosis risk assessment

Body composition, including regional fat and lean mass

Balance tests and functional movement assessments

Strength, power and muscular endurance tests (using Biodex System 4 Pro)