EPARC is advancing the boundaries of science and patient care by providing clinical training for residents in the UCSD General Preventive Medicine Residency and for other rotating residents. Residents learn first-hand how to translate exercise science research into practice by conducting assessments and interpreting objective test results for a variety of diseases such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular and metabolic disease, and balance deficits associated with aging, de conditioning, and neurological deficits. EPARC also serves as an internship site for graduate students in exercise science, public health, and other health-related disciplines.


A primary education focus of EPARC is to provide clinical training for physicians enrolled in the preventive medicine residency program within the Department of Family Medicine & Public Health. Residents participate in a 24-hour curriculum comprising six modules of didactic and hands-on training on the role of exercise in energetics and energy balance, cardiovascular and metabolic disease prevention and management, bone health and osteoporosis, obesity and sarcopenia prevention and management, balance and fall prevention in geriatric populations, and behavioral strategies and technologies for the patient and public health. Residents gain valuable training in translating exercise science research into practice.

We offer single sessions in EIM® to Residents and Fellows in other clinical specialties. These consist of 1-2 hours that include an introduction to EIM® and/or one of the six modules noted above.


EPARC also serves as an internship site, attracting local, national and international students to further their undergraduate, graduate, or pre-doctoral studies in exercise science, public health, and other health-related disciplines. Our interns gain invaluable hands-on experience on a variety of projects in the lab and/or field settings.  Internships require a minimum commitment of 150 hours (>200 hr preferred) that can be scheduled with flexibility to accommodate the student’s academic schedule. Internships are not compensated, however, course credit can be earned.